What Does An Energy Efficient Survey Look At?

Energy Efficient survey and heat loss survey from London's #1 Building maintenance company

What Does An Energy Efficient Survey Look At? 

What does an energy efficient survey look at? It’s a method of looking at a building to identify any areas of concern relating to heat loss, draughts, issues with damp or mould and if there are any potential problems with thermal bridging.  

A professional, comprehensive energy survey undertaken by a property repair company will also offer advice on where any energy management opportunities occur and assess if there is a need for further detailed investigations.  

Becoming more energy aware is good practice for the environment and is also a wise move for your bank balance. Identifying and managing areas of energy inefficiency in a home or businesswill offer you a chance to work out any problem areas in your building that could be managed better in terms of their energy consumption. As a result, this can cut your fuel costs 

Energy Surveys and Audits Explained 

A home or business energy efficiency survey is a practical and necessary step to quantify and put into practice real opportunities to cut energy consumption, reduce costs and bring down carbon emissions. This can be for any sort of building, used for home or business, or any other type of working environment or site.  

An energy efficient survey can also look into how feasible the opportunities to employ renewable energy methods are.  

Property Damage UK can provide a detailed feasibility study to help you identify the most appropriate heat and energy loss solutions, suitable to your personal everyday needs, whether in your home or for your business, or if you are a landlord who owns one or more rental properties. 

Why Do We Need Energy Efficient Surveys? 

Any building, whether serving as a family home or business premises, will have some areas in which there are opportunities to reduce energy usage and keep costs down.  

An energy efficiency survey will enable these opportunities to be properly and fully identified. This then offers the property owner a case for action and lead them to make better choices on energy efficiency and whether or not renewable technologies are suitable for them.  

How Are Energy Efficient Surveys Conducted?  

We’ll discuss your project in detail and assess your needs. For instance, what are the areas you feel may be problematic (if any). What your budget is and your time frame.  

  • Our experienced professionals will be able to identify energy consumption and use on your site. We’ll use thermal imaging technology to assist with our assessment.  
  • From this, we’ll carry out an audit of consumption and review what the building is made from and what it is used for.  
  • We’ll also look into how energy is managed on site, too.  

From this, an energy efficiency survey will:  

  • Look at what/who the main energy users are and estimate the breakdown of energy use on a site.  
  • If there is available data for other premises of a similar nature, site energy performance can be compared to see how it matches up.  
  • Examine what metering strategies are in place and look at the energy supply and distribution arrangements.  
  • Look at who occupies the building, what it is used for and what the environmental conditions and requirements are.  
  • Look at the fabric of the building, the services and controls.  
  • Examine any energy management procedures on site.  
  • Target any cost saving opportunities and look at the best ways to save energyIn some cases, these savings can be as much as twenty percent.  
  • Offer solutions and/or recommendations for saving energy and costs. These can range from simple low cost methods to others that might require a short term investment for a longer term saving.  
  • Offer a plan of action for now and the future.  

Property Damage UK Can Provide Professional Energy Efficient Surveys 

An energy efficiency survey could make a big difference to a home or business that is looking to try and reduce costs, save money and generally become more environmentally aware.  

Property Damage UK offer a wide range of solutions to help homes and businesses improve their energy efficiency and thus reduce their carbon footprint.  

The energy efficiency surveys we undertake will look at a wide range of potential energy issues such as loss of heat, any draughts and issues with thermal bridging.  

We’ll also check to see if moisture and damp could be affecting a property, which can also have a knock on effect on energy costs.  

A comprehensive energy efficiency survey from Property Damage UK will provide an audit and advice on any areas in which energy management could be improved. We will also recommend further investigations, if they are required.  

We’ll also look into the feasibility of any energy efficiency measures and renewable energy technologies, in order to try and reduce the carbon footprint of a building.  

Property Damage UK will provide a comprehensive written report afterwards, as well as copies of thermal images taken during the assessment 

Thermal images are a really important part of an energy efficiency survey. They can show you the places from which heat is escaping, and also where drafts are entering your home.  

A thermal imaging survey London can also help to identify and tackle a wide range of other potential issues, such as damp or ingress of water, thermal bridging and any serious structural defects.  

When you are completely satisfied with your report and you have a complete picture of the energy efficiency of your building, Property Damage UK can then help to improve it, whether it’s increasing or replacing any current insulation, repairing any structural problems, or advising better energy management. Contact us today for more information https://propertydamageuk.com/our-services/energy-efficiency-heat-loss-survey-london/  

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