What happens in a damp survey?

What happens in a damp survey?  On March 20th 2019 The Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act came into force in England and Wales, giving tenants the legal right to sue landlords for damp or mould problems in rented properties. While most responsible landlords would not wish to endanger the health of their tenants, this adds a legal imperative to […]

How To Get Rid of Damp?

How To Get Rid of Damp?  How to get rid of damp? It’s a question many homeowners ask, and a common problem that can often need professional help to deal with.   Damp can often feel like it’s pervading a home, because as well as attacking décor, furniture and more seriously the walls and plaster it can sometimes do serious damage […]

5 Ways to Save Energy At Home

5 Ways to Save Energy At Home  What are the top 5 ways to save energy at home? Becoming more energy aware and energy efficient is not only good for the environment, it’s also good for your bank balance too.   It’s worth considering an energy efficient survey for your home as a way to identify areas of energy inefficiency, and […]

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What Does An Energy Efficient Survey Look At?

What Does An Energy Efficient Survey Look At?  What does an energy efficient survey look at? It’s a method of looking at a building to identify any areas of concern relating to heat loss, draughts, issues with damp or mould and if there are any potential problems with thermal bridging.   A professional, comprehensive energy survey undertaken by […]

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What Does a Damp Survey Involve?

What Does a Damp Survey Involve?  What does a damp survey involve? If you’re moving into a new home, looking at renovating your current residence or are a landlord who is letting to tenants, a damp survey carried out by professionals could save you a lot of money in the long run.   By the time […]

How To Prevent Damp and Mould

How To Prevent Damp and Mould  How to prevent damp and mould? Condensation or too much general moisture in your home can lead to damp and mouldy conditions. There are a few different causes for a build-up of moisture. These include steamed up windows, especially if the air outside is colder than the air inside your home; steam and vapour from […]

What is building pathology?

What is Building Pathology?  What is building pathology? It’s a method of studying and analysing buildings to examine any defects they have, that could affect their performance and future maintenance.    Studying the pathology of a building can give a clear and informed picture to contractors such as building control inspectors and structural surveyors as to how […]

Are Landlords Responsible For Mould?

Are Landlords Responsible for Mould?  Are landlords responsible for mould? Or is it the sole issue of the tenant? These are two common questions that arise when there are problems with damp and mould, when it occurs in rental properties.   Understandably, there is much confusion about who has the main responsibility. This often happens because in some cases both the tenant and […]

Is Bathroom Mould Dangerous

Is bathroom mould dangerous? Is bathroom mould dangerous? It is unsightly and a general annoyance if you are generally on top of cleaning and making sure your home is spick and span. Mould growth only develops where there is homeostatic imbalance, so for instance if there is too much humidity or too much damp, if there is not enough air flow or if […]